Delivering Consistent Benchmark Quality Standards of Excellence to Researchers, Healthcare Practitioners, Patients and Legalized Recreational Markets.

Core Values

Quality, Profitability, Security, Safety, Teamwork.


To Produce the Highest Grade Cannabis for the World while Investing Back into Our Staff and Our Communities.

A Quality Life

Our services are designed to provide an alternative, natural way of living without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

Healing and Cannabis

We offer a broad array of cannabis services to the healthcare marketplace. Our team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan.

Our Promise to You
To provide our clients with the highest level of professional service, we pledge to create products and services that best suit your needs.


Why us?

Excellent consistent quality at a low cost of production

Over four years, our team has researched worldwide the most effective ways of growing cannabis in unique ways that solve potentially overwhelming challenges faced by growers and which combine proven technologies in a state-of-the-art cannabis production factory.

  • State-of-the-art laboratory
  • Optimized yield per square feet
  • Low production cost
State-of-the-art laboratory
  • Fully automated interior growing system using peat, soil and coco with controlled & consistent environmental conditions at every crop throughout the year.
  • Quick growth cycle and access to crop limited to once a cycle preventing mold, bugs and infections – no need for counter measures.
  • Camera monitoring for quick alarming of bugs and infections along with harvest time detection.
  • On-site state-of-the-art laboratory.
Optimized yield per square feet
  • Growing module concept consisting of 82 modules independently controlled for a total of 528 growing cells.
  • With our concept, our engineers are using every cubic feet (vertical farming) instead of square feet, increasing  floor space utilization by a factor  of more than 4 compared to table & pot setup.
  • Unique custom LED lighting system with spectrum intensity control to exactly control the plant behavior and reproduce best recipe from crop to crop.
  • Impact of unlikely contamination limited to one module.
Low production cost
  • Sea-of-green method with camera surveillance reduces access to one visit per pod half way to crop harvest & no plant maintenance, reducing labor  per 1000 sqft and cross-contamination to its minimum.
  • Highest number of plants per LED light, significantly reducing heat, plant transpiration, dehumidification and as a result electricity cost.
  • Recuperation and recycling of water for minimum water consumption.

The Difference

Lower Operating Costs

State-of-the-art fully automated factory will have unique specifications designed to significantly reduce operating costs and product optimization

Unique LED lighting system

Unique Custom LED lighting system designed in collaboration with a well known local LED light designer and manufacturer

Production environment

Plants will be grown in a production environment that allows for maximum control of nutrient delivery and consistency of product

Optimized production rate

AgriCure’s technology development in conjunction with Canada’s National Research Council has the potential to increase significantly increase desired production rate in comparison to common practices used by competitors in the industry

Trusted Brand

The resulting combination of unique technologies allows for significant reduction in production costs and thus clear competitor advantage